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Beginning the Academic Essay

“yet according to the usual manner, many were afflicted with seasickness” (Bradford). This contains no extra elaboration, similes, metaphors, or anything characteristic of high style. However, his writing is still eloquent, his rich vocabulary, strong sentences, and thoughtful organization could debatably make plain style unique yet equal to high style. The high style of Byrd, however, was of the educated culture of England, filled with flourishes, metaphors and deeper meanings. Reading, and writing specifically, was an artform, perhaps more so than Bradford used it to be. Bradford wrote for the readers, Byrd wrote for the reading. Sarcasm and satire were staples of Byrd’s writing, quips such as,”like true Englishman, they built a church that cost no more than 50 pounds, and a tavern which costed 500″ (Byrd) or, “they were fondly expecting their coarsest utensils in that happy place to be of

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