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When do you become an adult?

When do you become an adult? Is it by age or maturity. I believe you become an adult when you are fully mature not at the age eighteen. Even though the age eighteen is considered adulthood in forty seven states, it doesn’t mean you will act like one. What makes someone an adult is not their age, it is a period of prolonged adolescence, or emerging adulthood. Adulthood lasts into your twenties. There are many responsibilities in adulthood, that many adults don’t even know how to react to them. Do you consider yourself as an adult?
I believe you become an adult when you can show you are mature enough for the responsibilities of adulthood. There are many different ages for being an adult in many different countries. For example, in Dutch children are allowed to drink at the age sixteen and drive at the age nineteen. Adulthood means getting a job, moving away from your parents, getting married, and having children. There many different ages to take to becoming as adult. For example, you must twenty one to drink, eighteen to vote and join the military, seventeen to watch an adult movie, and fourteen to hold a job. Adults need to take responsibilities for themselves, make independent decisions, and to have financial independents. There are many steps to becoming an adult.
Did you know that when you stop developing, you are physicle an adult? Your brain stops developing in your mid-twenties. Many people over the age eighteen, feel like they are still children. This is because adulthood and childhood are both social construction. Social construction is a theory of knowledge in sociology and communication theory that examines the development of jointly constructed understandings of the world. In the 1950s and the 60s people did not become adults in any kind of predictable way.
Do you think the age eighteen is when you become an adult? If you said yes, many people agree with you. Many people think the age eighteen is the age of adulthood because that is the age you can vote and join the military. At the age eighteen you receive a more independent life because you can move out, get a job, and live your life. Even though you become more independent at the age eighteen, it comes with many responsibilities. Some responsibilities of being an adult are getting a job, moving out, getting married, and having kids. I do not think the age eighteen is adulthood. Do you?
Do you think adulthood comes with age or maturity? I believe adulthood comes with maturity. Adults can have the responsibilities of moving out, getting a job, getting married, having children, and just living your life. I do not think adulthood comes with age because many eighteen year olds are not mature enough to take on life’s responsibilities. There are many different ages for adults in different places but they all have something in common, they all must be mature enough to take on life’s responsibilities. “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value'” Albert Einstein. I believe that adulthood comes with maturity not age. Do you think the same way?

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