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Beginning the Academic Essay

Mount Ontake posed numerous environmental impacts on the neighbouring areas of Honshu. The ash flow created by the composite volcano imprinted a long lasting impact. When a composite volcano erupts, violent clouds of ash and slow moving lava are given off. In addition, these explosive eruptions also produce deadly “pyroclastic flows.” All these attributes damaged the surrounding area of the explosion as it destroyed most things in its trajectory with it’s superheated fragments. Emitted waves of these burning chemicals destroyed habitats and increased animal death tolls.
On the other hand, the ash and pyroclastic flows are laced with minerals and elements that act as a fundamental fertiliser. Although the initial force was devastating, some of the aftereffects were rewarding. A thin layer of ash will make the soil fertile and rich in elements such as copper, iron, cobalt and other minerals.This renewal allows plants to prosper once more.

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