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Beginning the Academic Essay

Keratinases are proteolytic enzymes and are able to degrade the keratin substrates which are insoluble in nature (Brandelli, 2008) and further find various application in developing cost-effective feather by-products for feed and fertilizers. Their application can also be extended to detergent and leather industries where they serve as special enzymes. Besides, they also find applications in wool and silk cleaning, leather industry, better dehairing potential of these enzymes led to the development of dehairing technology and personal care products (Onifade et al., 1998; Gupta and Ramnani, 2006; Brandelli, 2008; Sahni et al, 2015). Further, involved in various applications in the challenging field of prion degradation and would revolutionize the protease world in the near future. Few of these important applications are given below.

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