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Kalasin is the province, and Kalasin is located on the northeastern part of Thailand. Kalasin has eighteen districts, I am living in Kuchinarai districts. The Special place of Kalasin city are Lum Pao Dam, Thepsuda, Dok ked beach, Wat krang, Tat sung waterfall, Non-Sao area, Sirindhorn museum and The Dead Song Yang city. Kalasin has many traditions, That is Pong Lang festival and Bun Bang Fai festival. And the Famous food of Kalasin. For example, TamMieng, MouTub And Papaya Pok Pok. Native food special of Kalasin city is TamMieng. The most special of Kalasin is My hometown. Every holiday season, I will always come back here.

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