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Beginning the Academic Essay

It is a hot afternoon and the heat from the scorching sun is quite unbearable. Holding an umbrella, I am going to go to the bus-stop on foot. Patiently, I wait for the bus so that I wouldn’t need to walk back home. Out of the blue, a charming man drives a luxury car and stops in front of me. He takes off his sunglasses and looks at me. “Wong!” He calls my name. He looks familiar and I try to remember who is he but in vain. Er, the good-looking man smiles sweetly and happily to me. I feel a little guilty because I don’t really know him. “Wong! I am Tan. Do you still remember me?” Tan? “Oh! It is you.” Finally, I know he is Tan, who is my secondary school’s deskmate. He asks me whether I have any free time so that we can have a high-tea

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