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Beginning the Academic Essay

In chemical processes, heat exchanger became one of the most important equipment related to heat transfer and energy. It recovers some of the heat in process discharge stream to minimize the heat lost to the atmosphere. 1,2

Heat exchanger permits the transfer of heat from a fluid to another fluid (gas or liquid) without direct contact or mixing. There are many forms of heat exchangers. In all types of heat exchangers, the fluids are operating in different temperature and physically separated 3. Plate heat exchanger, adiabatic wheel heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger and regenerative heat exchanger are some of the types of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers efficiency depends on the economic basis along with the type of service they are needed for. Furthermore, liquids flow direction can distinguish one heat exchanger to another. Liquids flow direction can be cross-flow, parallel-flow or countercurrent. 3

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