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Good afternoon I bid to Madam Wong Bee Bee and my fellow friends. Today, I am going to talk about ‘Causes and effects of Haze’. Haze consists of tiny elements which occurs naturally or is a result of daily human activities.

First of all, smoke is is produced by factories and vehicles are the main contributing factors of the existence of haze. The components that make up haze are carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and dust. Most of the gases are found in the smoke produced by the factories and vehicles. For an example, vehicles have exhausted the black opium during the vehicle driving on the road which had compose the haze happened.

Besides that, forest fires that used to clear land are the reason of haze too. The authorities concerned prefer used the way forest fires to clear land because they think it was the fastest way to clear land. But, forest fires make their work complete faster at the same time forest fire also made-up the haze. When the haze situation becomes more difficult, it is able to carry about a huge change. It could strain the nation’s income if country’s economy sector is affected.

In addition, open burning is also the main factors of haze. The haze is further worsened by open burning practised by most Malaysians. Open-field burning of rice straw by the rice planters and open burning of dried leaves and garbages done by the public are a few examples that had done by Malaysians.

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