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Beginning the Academic Essay

Ethics plays an important role in our lives, and the decisions and actions we made in our daily lives are depend upon our own moral faiths and principles. I have also some personal ethics that guide me to take the appropriate decision in my daily lives. Regarding the virtue-based approach to personal ethics, I strongly relies on fairness and respect to others. Fairness in a sense that my decisions and actions are consistently depends upon appropriate norms and standards. Respect to other in a sense of presenting suitable esteem to others and their moral beliefs and values. My personal ethics are highly inspired from the Bible. In the Bible it has been mentioned that “All humans are equal in the eye of God, and are not discriminated in church, home and society. Class, gender and race cannot create barriers to God. Mission, ministry and membership are open for all in the kingdom of God, depends on our personal ability, qualifications and moral, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Christian love is the heart of life in the Spirit. Mutual submission is Christian love in action, treating each person with dignity and honour”.
My personal ethics is strongly depends upon the virtue of fairness so my works are fair in nature and I try hard to eliminating erratic outcomes. As per my job experience, to motivate the employees it is necessary for the organization to treat all staffs in a fair ways, fairly taking organizational decisions, and fairly allocating organizational resources. “Fairness-based decision making process is an essential topic in the field of psychological decision making (Guth & Kocher, 2014). My ethics related to fairness has become my strength. Some situations it becomes weakness for me because I tend to strongly react to unfair criticism. However, I do not left my ethics related to fairness.
Furthermore, I also believe that respect to others is one the important ethics that everyone should follow in their personal life. I believe that to get a respect from others, it is necessary to respect others. I respect all people while communicating with them because I believe that all might have faced obstacles and tough times in get in the current position. So I am always polite with the people that I had met in my life. I criticize the point of assigning respect depending upon the position or status. I have same respect to all people in my life, my family, teachers, friends and those I had contacted in my life. In point of view, presenting greetings and gratitude are not only the way of respecting others. I believe that respect can be done by applying following habits:
Listening: Looking in the eye of speaker, and give feedback if necessary.
Encourage: Smiling and providing uplifting words can make a big impact on someone’s day.
Congratulate: Respecting others on their achievement.
Helping: If my effort can be helpful to others then I am ready to do it.
Saying Thank You: I believe that simply saying thank you can make the relation longer.
In my point of view ethics are not limited to academic and professional life, it is necessary in personal life as well. I am also ready to add more ethics if they help me in decision making in different steps of my life.

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