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Cocoa tree is cultivated commercially between 20° north and south of the Equator in areas with a suitable environment with an annual rainfall of 1500-2500 mm, a temperature of 21-32°C and 2000 hours of sunshine per year (Fowler, 2009; Afoakwa, 2010; Hofberger and Tanabe, 2007). There are three major cocoa producing areas: West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast), South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia) and South America (Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela). According to Kr¨ahmer et al. (2015), the total production of cocoa beans exceeded 4 million tons in the 2011/2012 crop. Anga (2014) stated that most of the world’s cocoa is produced in West Africa (72%) followed by Latin America (16%) and Asia and Oceania (12%).

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