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Occupational safety and health is an organization that emphasize about the safety, health and people performance at work. As stated by World Health Organization, SHO can be described as occupational health deals with all aspects of health and safety in the workplace and has strong focus on primary prevention of hazards. As the state of being safe or the lack of aspects that can cause accidents, injuries or interruptions to work (Alwi, 2011).
The previous research has determined safety performance as the probability that workplace accidents would result in fatal injury or property damage. Many researcher has carry out a research to identify the factor that influencing safety performance at workplace. The aim of this research to increase level of safety performance and also to in order to minimize the frequency of accident occurrence.
This studies mainly focus on safety performance in construction industry especially on site. The literature indicates various gap in the current understanding of safety performance and the available factors is marked by several shortcomings. This literature reviews will discuss some of the research factors to safety performance.
Construction industry is one of sectors that contributes to the country’s economy in Malaysia. As a big industry, there is many challenge to carry out work perfectly. According to Chia Kuang Lee ; Yusmin Jaafar (2016), one of challenge are the high fatality rates on construction sites have caused grave concern among safety practitioners and the stakeholders.
This challenge will effected to safety performance in construction site. Safety performance is related to a number of occupational accidents, injury rates and illness (Fernandez-Muniz et al., 2009; Geldon ; Litherland , 2001; Mayze ; Bradley, 2008). In addation, another definition can be considered to describe safety performance is focused on discussing the parts of safety performance (Fernandez-Muniz, Montes-Peon ; Vazquez-Ordas, 2014) and then according to the business Dictionary, safety is defined as a relative freedom from danger, risk, or threat of harm, injury, or loss of personnel and/or property, whether caused deliberately or by accident.

The literature is state that safety performance is one of important to consider before carry out a work. The research about safety performance receive limited emphasis. Based on previous research, there a lot factors has been revealed that effecting the safety performance in construction site. However, there are critical factors that are focused by previous researcher.

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3.1 Management Talk on Safety
Management talk on safety has been suggested as either one strong relationship with safety performance in previous study. Management talk will offer a change for workers to learn about safety on site more detail especially to foreign worker that first time work at Malaysia. Without this factor, the workers may will deal with the high risk of accidents on site because they do not know anything about safety or their alertness and attention slowly will reduce because they always do the same work every day. In other words, every construction industry need to manage a talk about safety before the work begin.
3.2 Providing safety environment
Previous study have acknowledged that if the managers providing safety environment, it’s also will effecting to safety performance on construction site. In other words, if the site is in good condition and well planned layout, rates for accidents happen on site can be reduced. According to previous research by Shimmin et al;13, every contractors need a little effort and attention to ensure they providing safe working condition at the begin of design stage without jeopardized by poor site condition. In addition, they also need to provide a training program to all their employee so they can improve their an accurate subjective risk model.
3.3 Attitude and behaviour
From time to time, there is various study about safety performance.

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